Whether you choose to spend your vacation in the mountains, by the sea, or at your cozy cottage, bringing a scent with you will ensure that your lively travels are brightened.
If you're still unsure, Ka can help you select the best fragrance creations for each summer activity!
Mountain Climbing
Musk Oud is harmony between agarwood and musk, added with a splash of rum that makes sweetness almost explode. With lovely roses and pure geraniums, Musk oud will be an interesting option for excursions with majestic mountains.
beach trips
Rio at night, festive atmosphere, beach samba and Caipirinha cocktails are colorful representations of Outrageous's inspiration. Young and resplendent, Outrageous will be an exhilarating "cocktail" in enthusiastic beach trips.
With a beautiful sillage from chocolate-infused Cognac, the scent will attract anyone to the vibrant night parties. gradually absorbed on the skin, the characteristic wine aroma mixed with the oak layer to create a magnificent song. Angels' Share as gorgeous and complex as the name, a scent that needs to be enjoyed the whole beauty slowly.
attending exhibitions
Dans tes Bras is like a tight embrace, embracing violets, musk and cashmere. Wrapped up, clinging to the skin gently, comfortable but also delicate enough to attach to the soul of the wearer. With a few shots of incense, a feeling of comfort, peace and relaxation will arise in your mind with moments of immersion in art.s
Prolonged rainy days and erratic weather force you to postpone your summer travel plans. So, why not try to relax in your own house with some of your favorite scents? Allow Ka to make a recommendation!
a cup of tea
Contrary to the purity and gentleness of dew-drenched roses, Rose Tonnerre is rich in wine aroma, featuring a classic, modern and distinction, imbued with earthy aromas after a stormy night. There's nothing better than rewarding yourself with a moment of immersing yourself in an irresistible pink note with a cup of tea on a sunny balcony.
reading books
En Passant – transparent scent but also full of romance. On a day flooded with sunshine, several shots of En Passant and immerse yourself in moments of relaxation with a favourite book, you will feel a wave of peace in your soul.
Enjoy the feeling of immersing yourself in a tub filled with an attractive fragrance, the scent of Carnal Flower Body Wash will lead you to a world of warm and silky tuberose, interwoven with sweet and subtle berry notes.
Step out of the shower, wrap a soft towel around your body and gently apply L'Eau d'Hiver Body Milk. The milky texture is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, fresh and scent in the most intimate, natural way - a perfect creation to pamper yourself after a long busy day.