At the end of the journey to find a missing piece that completes his song “Red rum”, tao meet ka. Here the scent from ka koncept proved a perfect complement to the music of Tao, together creating the most fulfilling experience for the audience. Along with red rum, the story of two strangers whose souls in tune unfolded.
If an artist's success is defined by their unique art style, then tao has succeeded. Each of tao's works is born from a distinctive effort to convey original emotions through the most creative, perfected materials. Not limiting himself as a rapper, tao develops his own musical identity by always exploring new aspects of art. That is also the driving force behind his EP music project named "Y?" - a trio of songs including blue tequila, mutual, and most recently, red rum.
EP "Y?" tells the story of tao navigating art through all senses. From his discoveries in the art world, the works took shape, presenting the audience with a multi-sensory musical context. That journey begins with blue tequila, a song bearing the blue color of sadness interwoven with hope and love, followed by a long-lasting, vaguely waiting infatuation expressed in mutual. Both works were molded from a combination of music, poetry, fashion, paintings! But it was not until red rum that the "scent" element appeared and added a dimension to the music, when the fragrance Black Phantom, Memento Mori brought about by ka koncept fully demonstrated the concept of the artist’s composition.
As destined, tao found Black Phantom, Memento Mori provoke the very taste of his song red rum - anger and frustration, despair and longing for love. Two creations have the same flow of hot “rum" unlocking the door to mind, where memories become the most cherished treasure that now needs to be buried forever. Because only then, the soul can freely embark upon a new odyssey.
The special scent by niche fragrance house kilian paris is crafted from the idea of ​​a pirate ship sailing deep into the turbulent night sea, where precious treasures are hidden in the waves. The scent opens with Martinique rum unleashing dreams and nostalgia, blends in with passionate almonds and cane sugar, then leaves a bitter aftertaste of coffee that awakens all senses, bringing the mind back to reality.
tao’s EP "Y?" is a memorable journey on which ka koncept is honored to be a companion. There saw a meeting of souls sharing a common desire to create a space where the audience could feel art with all senses. Music and scent, two seemingly unrelated "pieces" are closely intertwined, forming the ultimate harmonious and emotional artwork.
In the future exploration, will the artist who constantly yearns to live and create art to the fullest find a connection transcending that of music and scent?